April’s coming

As we move from one year into the next here is a short five stanza poem to take us from one to the other … again




Six months moping,

Six months hoping,

Six months dreaming,

Six months awaiting

April’s coming.


October’s heart is exhausted.

November’s heart tormented.

December’s heart distracted.

New Year fireworks sound half way

To April’s coming.


January’s heart is sprightly.

February’s heart beats quickly.

March’s heart throbs wildly.

The equinox floats lightly

For April’s coming.


April arrives brightly

The season starts forthrightly

Winter’s dreams meet reality

Recurring nightmares hang heavily

For six months purgatory’s incoming.


It comes every year

It’s agony every year

But we have never missed it yet

For we support Somerset

Until October’s coming.



Six months moping…