Quite an evening

T20. Glamorgan v Somerset. 18th July 2019. Sophia Gardens.

Glamorgan. J.L. Lawlor, D.L. Lloyd, C.A. Ingram (c). C.B. Cooke (w), W.T. Root, A.O. Morgan, A. G. Salter, D.A. Douthwaite, G.G. Wagg, M. de Lange, M.G. Hogan.

Somerset. Babar Azam, T. Banton (w), P.D. Trego, T.B. Abell, L. Gregory (c), R.E. van der Merwe, C. Overton, J. Overton, M.T.C. Waller, J.E. Taylor.

Toss. Somerset. Elected to field.

Quite an evening

What on earth is a ‘cross origin’ policy? I have done an internet search but I made as much sense of the technical description which resulted as I did of simultaneous equations when I was at school. Which is none. Whatever a ‘cross origin’ policy is it claimed to be denying me access to the Glamorgan live stream for this match. Just as the railway timetable made it too risky for me to go to the match and be certain of getting home. So, the commentary it was. The commentary and an assault on an overgrown dog rose made my evening.Read More »

Back to the edge of my seat

Royal London One-Day Cup. Glamorgan v Somerset. 21st April 2019. Cardiff.

Glamorgan. C.R. Hemphrey, C.A.J.Meschede, M.Labuschagne, D.L. Lloyd, W.T. Root, K.S. Carlson, C.B. Cooke (c) (w), G.G. Wagg, M. de Lange, L.J. Carey, T.van der Gugten.

Somerset. Azhar Ali, T. Banton (w), P.D. Trego, J.C. Hildreth, T.B. Abell, L. Gregory, R.E. van der Merwe, C. Overton, D.M. Bess, T.D. Groenewald, J.H. Davey.

Toss. Somerset. Elected to bat.

Back to the edge of my seat

This was a Somerset win of the old kind. Not to be bestowed on supporters without an extended, stomach-wrenching occupation of the narrowest of narrow edges of the seat. Not to mention an assault on the blood pressure which ought to be illegal in this day and age. “Self-inflicted,” the extent of the sympathy I received when I finally arrived home and slumped in a chair.Read More »

Somerset stun Tolstoy

RLODC. Glamorgan v Somerset. 5th May 2017. Cardiff. 

This match took place in the 2017 Royal London One-Day Cup. The references to matches against Surrey and Kent are to matches which took place earlier in the 2017 competition. The references to the Taunton scoreboards are to their propensity to break down at the time. A shortcoming now rectified by the installation of new scoreboards. 

And for those who were not there …

“If you look for perfection you will never be content,” wrote Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina. It is a dictum many cricket followers would do well to remember. No bowler can bowl as well as the critic at the back of the stand. No batsman bat as well as the one in the bar. Then on the field there is always the long hop or the full toss to irritate. The one left on to the stumps or the charged down the wicket to be stumped to exasperate. We watch a game perfect in every respect in our minds yet riddled with imperfections in the playing. Not though if you were a Somerset supporter at Glamorgan’s Sophia Gardens of old on Friday. Somerset’s performance was all perfection or as near to it as any cricket is ever likely to be.Read More »

Somerset T20 2017 ~ Myburgh spectacular

This match, which contained a spectacular innings from Johannes Myburgh, came towards the end of Somerset’s 2017 T20 campaign. Somerset needed a win to sustain their challenge for a place in the quarter-finals. The match was decided off the last ball.

NatWest T20 Blast. Taunton. 13th August 2017. Somerset v Glamorgan.

Farmer White (IP Logged) 14 August 2017 8.46 p.m.

“As I walked out of the ground it seemed Somerset had dug a hole for themselves, helped considerably by the Glamorgan openers, dug themselves out of it through sheer hard work, gained a secure footing at the top and then fallen straight back in again for no apparent reason. Usually when I leave a one-day game at Taunton the crowd is either bubbling after a victory or contemplative after a defeat. Bemused would be a better description after this defeat. It had been as if a runner coming from the back in a race found themselves breathing freely and moving smoothly ahead of the opposition only to find their legs turning to sponge as the line approached.   Read More »

Somerset in the Royal London One Day Cup 2017 – Part 1

This post contains the ‘Farmer White’ match reports on three of the first four 2017 Royal London One Day Cup group-stage matches. There is also a preview of one of the matches and some additional information to set the context of matches. All reports were written at the time. The time and date of the original posting on grockles.com is contained at the head of each report.



“Fifty over cricket is not for the fainthearted.” 

In 2017 the Royal London One-Day Cup (RLODC) group stages were played in a three-week block beginning at the end of April. During the course of the competition there was much discussion among supporters about the length which Somerset’s bowlers bowled, particularly about short-pitched bowling, and some reflection of that can be seen in my posts.Read More »