Christmas Day at the County Ground

As Somerset have floodlights installed at the heart of this festive season a vision of the future comes to visit…





  It’s Christmas Day at the County Ground and the lights are shining bright

But some elves were in and hatched a plan in the middle of the night.

 They smirked their knowing smiles around as they scaled the pylons’ heights.

Then removed the leds and replaced them all with sparkling fairy lights.


Then the players all took the field of play resplendent in their whites.

Cricketers on a cricket field; the greatest of England’s sights.

It’s been like that since Palairet played and reached the batting heights.

But how will they look when they bat and bowl under the fairy lights?


To see a paceman in his pomp is usually quite a sight

But turning blue and red and green it cannot surely be right.

As the ball flies along its chosen path the batsman has a fright.

It started green, then red, then pink – now it’s blue and so are his whites.


The spinner inspects this colourful ball, grips it hard with fingers tight.

It turns green, then red, then blue again before going yellow bright.

That’s red as it flies, blue when it lands, yellow as the turf it bites

And green again as it matches the grass and eludes the batsman’s sight.


It’s Christmas Day at the County Ground and the match is very tight.

For neither side can score a run when the ball goes all colours but white.

It’s over and done in a minute or two with the stumps in a terrible plight.

For every ball goes the rainbow through and every colour to the elves’ delight.


All twenty batsmen a golden duck. It must infringe their rights.

But this is the future come to play. It’s enough to give you the frights.

And now we’ll break our rhyme to reveal this future beyond our ken.

Cricket by elves under fairy lights. With festive greetings from ‘The Ten’.


Written with an elvish twinkle and a Merry Christmas to everyone…….

Farmer White