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This site guide is intended to help readers find the post they want. It will be updated as the content of the site grows. Currently 2018 match reports, articles and poems are being added to the site. These may be accessed in a number of ways:

Site navigation

All cricket posts on this site will appear on the home page. Posts appear in ‘reverse’ date order with the most recent at the top. Simply scroll down the page to find the earlier posts.

The heading, any sub-heading and the first paragraph or two of each post will appear on the home page. Click on the ‘read more’ button to open the rest of the post.

The last twenty posts appear on the front page. Click the ‘older posts’ button which appears after the final post on the front page to open earlier posts.

Alternatively or use one of the navigation aids listed below to go direct to individual or groups of posts.

Locating Match Reports

To aid navigation around match reports all match reports will be dated the day on which the play took place and listed sequentially through the season on the Contents page. The only exception to this is noted in the ‘home page’ section below.

All articles and poems will be dated the day on which they were posted on this site and listed alphabetically on the Contents page. The date on which a post of any type was actually posted on is contained at the end of the post.

Navigation aids

Of the options below the ‘Contents’ and ‘Home’ pages and the ‘Search’ function are available at the top of any page being viewed on any device. ‘Categories’, ‘Tags’, and links to posts beneath quotes appear in the maroon panel. On desktops and laptops the maroon panel appears on the right of the screen. On tablets and phones the maroon panel appears below the white ‘Home’ page and access will require the user to scroll down to reach it.

  • Contents page. Accessible via a tab near the top of the page on all devices. This currently contains a list of 2018 Somerset matches for which reports have been added to the site. Each match in the list has a link to a separate report for each day of cricket. There are also sections for articles and poems. This page will contain a link to all posts on the site.
  • Search function. Accessible at the top of the page being viewed and near the top of the maroon panel. It will call up any post containing the word or group of words entered into it. Common Somerset CCC related terms such as ‘Hildreth’ will call up a long list of posts! Less common terms, ‘Somerset v Surrey’ for example, will call up fewer.
  • Categories. A drop-down menu situated immediately beneath the search function in the maroon panel. This will call up all posts assigned to the selected category. More useful where smaller numbers of posts are likely to be assigned to a category. For example, when all 2018 match reports are lodged on the site the ‘County Championship 2018’ category will call up all reports on all days of Championship cricket in 2018.
  • Tags. A list of tags is located on the maroon panel immediately beneath ‘Categories’. Most posts have a tag attached to it. Clicking on the tag will bring up all posts with that tag attached. Each match report has a tag identifying the team Somerset were playing. For example: Clicking on the ‘v Essex’ tag will call up any post relating to a day of cricket against Essex. Posts will appear in the short format with the ‘read more’ buton to open each individual post.
  • Links under quotes on the maroon panel. The maroon panel contains a list of quotes from reports on the site. Each quote is followed by a reference to the match (and in the case of the County Championship the day) and a link to the report in which the quote appears.
  • Home page. The (white) homepage will initially display the most recently dated post at the top. The link to the home page is on a tab near top of screen. Older posts will be displayed beneath the top post with the most recent dated first. Match reports will normally be dated the date of the day’s play to which they refer to aide navigation. The only exception to this is where reports for a historic County Championship match are being added a day at a time. These reports will appear at or near the top of the home page until the match is complete and for a day or two afterwards. They will then be moved to the dates on which play took place.

My apologies to those to whom all this is second nature. This content is here in an endeavour to assist those to whom, like me, the twenty-first century came late. 

Site content

The site currently contains 2018 Somerset CCC First XI match reports, articles and poems. Virtually all were previously posted on match threads on the independent Somerset cricket website The date of the original posting on is contained at the ned of each report. The reports are gathered here to bring them together into a ‘Farmer White’ collection.

‘Farmer White’

This page was last updated on 27th December 2018.