Somerset Legends ~ Marcus Trescothick ~ Giant of the Somerset Cricketing Landscape



As Marcus Trescothick leaves Somerset to take up a post with England here is one person’s appreciation of some aspects of the contribution he has made to Somerset cricket. It consists of the author’s memories of some of the highlights of an illustrious Somerset career in first-class cricket. There was more, much more, but I hope this will give something of a flavour of Marcus Trescothick, Somerset giant, in whites with the bat and in the field. Access to the Cricket Archive database has been most helpful in identifying or confirming some of the statistics used in this article.

As you travel the highways of Britain there are iconic landmarks that capture the identity of the surrounding landscape and the history of the nation. Stonehenge, beside the A303 in Wiltshire, has withstood the winds and the rains of time in that part of Salisbury Plain for five millennia. The eight great cooling towers of Ferrybridge power station rose above the A1 and the M62 motorway for five decades before five were demolished in 2019. The three that remain are among the last great icons of the power of northern industry which once fuelled the economy of the country. Marcus Trescothick has been an icon of Somerset cricket for nearly three decades, an aeon in the life of a cricket professional, and is as much a part of the Somerset cricketing landscape and its long history as Stonehenge and Ferrybridge are of the history and landscape of the nation.

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Somerset Legends ~ Mark Lathwell ~ A meteor crosses the Somerset sky

This is the latest in a series of occasional articles of the author’s reminiscences of Somerset legends. The author is indebted to the Cricket Archive database for the statistics include in the article. The reminiscences are drawn entirely from his personal recollections.


Mark Lathwell played 142 first-class matches for Somerset. He scored 7988 runs at an average of 33.84 with ten centuries.   

Once in a while, on an August night, when the air is still and the clouds are away, a meteor flashes across the sky. It attracts the eye, embeds itself in the memory, and then, slower than it came, fades from view. If only it could have stayed longer, extended the spectacle, given time for the eyes and the mind to focus. And yet, the spectacle it does provide is enough for the watcher to recall the image whenever the fancy passes and to banish the ungrateful wish that it should have tarried.

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Somerset legends: Peter Trego

It was the dark flowing locks that first caught my attention. It was almost as far back as the start of the current millennium. I specify the current millennium because it does seem that Peter Trego has been around an awfully long time. I was sitting in the old River Stand at Taunton and Trego was running in hard from the River End. I don’t remember the match, just the locks, and the bowler putting everything into his bowling. He looked like he had a future in the game.Read More »

Somerset Legends. Hallam Moseley.

A view from beyond the boundary…

Around Christmas 2016 some memories of Hallam Moseley were posted on the website after some footage of the John Player League appeared on one of the discussion threads. It brought back my own memories of Moseley and his time with Somerset. In response, I wrote the following, now expanded, article as a tribute to a player who gave his all to Somerset and touched the hearts of a generation of Somerset supporters. 

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