Thank you for the photographs

Firstly, thank you to Mike Williams. Mike has posted, mainly but not entirely, action photographs of Somerset cricket on for a decade and a half. His photos are almost always posted on the relevant match thread on the same day as the action and very often capture key moments in the play.

More than once when I could not work out how a batsman had managed to get himself dismissed Mike’s photo of the wicket has provided the answer.

Mike immediately and freely agreed to my request to provide me with photos to illustrate some key pieces of action described in my match reports. I was able to use Mike’s photos to illustrate many of my 2018 season reports. Unfortunately time has precluded me from identifying, requesting and processing photos for subsequent reports. I am very grateful to Mike for agreeing to the use of his 2018 photos and for taking the time to provide me with them.

In the posts on this site I have identified Mike’s photos with the term ‘Photo courtesy Michael Williams’. That said there is little danger of Mike’s photos being confused with my amateurish attempts at photography which appear on some posts about some 2018 away matches.

Secondly, thank you to my son James for the ‘Header’ photograph for this site, also freely and promptly given. Immediately I saw it I knew it was the picture to capture the concept of the ‘supporter’s eye view’ of the cricket which is what my writing is all about.

Thank you for technical assistance and advice

Firstly, thank you to Julia for her advice on some of the technical aspects of developing this site, but particularly for her site design advice. During the design phase Julia was instrumental in providing ideas for the site and in pointing out aspects of the site which needed improvement. Her patience, as I struggled to get to grips with what to me was a whole new technological world, has been very much appreciated.

I have tried to make the content formatting on the site as ‘phone-friendly’ as I can, and the overall use of the site as user-friendly as I can. Julia’s advice here was particularly important especially in keeping the phone user in mind.

Julia is a fellow poster on and when she became aware I was embarking on this enterprise she immediately offered her assistance for which I am very grateful.

Secondly, thanks to my son James who with some deft touches on the keyboard and touch pad, and a couple of follow up sessions set the basic blog site up for me and gave me some initial instruction in how to use the site. He probably saved me a month of hair tearing, hand ringing frustration trying to persuade the twenty-first century to let me have a peek at how it works.

Thanks also to my other son Philip and my daughter Sarah for occasional but crucial suggestions on how to improve the site.

Thank you to Cricket Archive

Since the beginning of the Willis Trophy on 1st August 2020 I have made use of the excellent facilities of Cricket Archive to help in accessing and checking statistical information. The speed and ease with which data is accessible from the database has been most helpful, if entertainingly distracting on more than one occasion.

Thank you to has been important in the development of my cricket writing. I am not, and never have been a writer of any description. I had though always wanted to write. In the late summer of 2016 I decided to take the plunge and try to write about cricket. I had been aware of, and read, ‘grockles’ over the years but never posted on it.

In September 2016 I started to post ‘articles’ about Somerset cricket on threads on ‘grockles’. I simply jumped in without so much as a by your leave, and started posting without introduction to see if I could do it. I was welcomed with open arms by other posters. Ever since, people who read ‘grockles’ or post on the site have been very kind in their comments and support. I cannot say how much this has been appreciated.

Thank you to Somerset CCC

Thank you for producing the best-appointed non-Test match cricket ground in the country. It makes it a pleasure to watch cricket at Taunton and to write about what goes on on both sides of the boundary. Thank you for keeping Somerset in the First Division for an unprecedented 13 seasons. It gives me quality cricket to write about. Thank you for the attacking style of cricket the team plays. I cannot tell you how much easier that makes it to write about the play. And thank you for the view of the Quantocks from the top of the Somerset Pavilion. Those hills fill more paragraphs than I care to remember, and probably more than most people care to read. But when presented with a view like that what else can you do?

Thank you to Sue, my wife

Thank you for her endless support in this enterprise. Thank you for never complaining however many hundreds of times you have been asked, “What do you think of this?” “What do you think I should do about that?” “Do you know how this works in Word?” Do you know where my pencil/notebook/scorecard/camera/memory stick is?” Can you read through this paragraph for me please?” What do you think of it?” “Are you sure?”

And that is just when I am writing a post. When I am off to the cricket it is, “Should I take my umbrella?” (“Yes.”) “Where is my pencil/notebook/scorecard/camera/flask?” (“Where you left it.”)

And more to the point, there is never a complaint about the amount of time I spend at the cricket, home or away. Indeed, I am encouraged to attend as much as possible. At times when I have wavered about travelling to an away match I find Sue has booked a hotel for me. In fact she is so concerned that I spend as much time as possible at the cricket she has even threatened to complain to Somerset if a Championship match is over in less than four days.

Thank you one and thank you all.

‘Farmer White’

Last updated 25th January 2022