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This page will carry news about forthcoming posts, other than those relating to the 2017 season, where a publication date has been determined or is anticipated but is some way in the future.

Otherwise …

Through the winter of 2018/19 Farmer White’s match reports for the 2017 season have been appearing on the home page. The reports have mainly appeared in blocks for each County Championship match; in groups of a number of 50 over or T20 group stage matches, and individually for any knock-out stage match.

As the reports approach the climax of the 2017 season the reports for the final County Championship matches are being posted a day at a time. These reports were among the first reports written by Farmer White and show his writing in the early stages from which his current style has developed.

All reports written for the 2019 season are already on this site, as are most for the 2018 season. They can be best located by using the category menu in the maroon panel. The panel can be found on the right-hand side of the screen if you are viewing on a laptop or desktop, and can be reached by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage on tablets and phones.


As to the 2020 season, it remains to be seen in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic whether there will be any cricket at all. If there is cricket, ‘Farmer White’ will endeavour to provide reports. In the meantime please follow any government guidance with regard to the epidemic. Your safety, and that of others, including those close to you, may depend upon it.

‘Farmer White’

This page was last updated 22nd March 2020