A Phoenix rises

County Championship Division 1. Warwickshire v Somerset. 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st August 2019. Edgbaston.

Overnight. Warwickshire 419 and 146. Somerset 308 and 8 for 0. Somerset need another 250 runs to win with ten second innings wickets standing.

Final day – A Phoenix rises.

At the close of the second day of this match with Somerset 167 for 5, still 252 runs behind Warwickshire’s first innings 419 it was difficult to see how Somerset could save the game let alone win it. When, early on the third morning, van der Merwe launched an expansive drive at a ball from Rhodes and edged to Ambrose Somerset were 202 for 7, still 217 behind, the follow-on beckoned. From there the Somerset Phoenix, in the form of Bess and the Overton brothers, roused itself, and began the long rise which ended in Somerset closing the gap to Essex at the top of the table to two points with three matches still to play.Read More »

Somerset fight back

County Championship Division 1. Warwickshire v Somerset. 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st August 2019. Edgbaston.

Overnight. Warwickshire 419. Somerset 167 for 5. Somerset trail by 252 runs with five second wickets standing.

Third day – Somerset fight back

There are days when a team stands up to be counted. This was one such for Somerset. And for Essex. Warwickshire, and Kent, had a harder time of it. Whether Somerset did enough, and it is difficult to think they could have done more, will only be known when the fourth day has become part of the history of this year’s Championship. The question that rattled around in my perpetually worrying Somerset mind as I left the ground was: what does Warwickshire 146 all out on the third day of this match mean for Somerset chasing 258 to win on the fourth. I fervently hope that question plagues me for at least two and a half sessions on the final day for anything less than that will mean defeat for Somerset. With only three rounds of matches in the Championship a defeat for Somerset will mean an 18-point lead in the Championship for Essex. Victory will cut that to two. The final day here is that important.Read More »

The Hollies Stand symposium

County Championship Division 1. Warwickshire v Somerset. 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st August 2019. Edgbaston.

Overnight. Warwickshire 303 for 4.

Second day – The Hollies Stand symposium

I am a fast learner. I found the samosas immediately today, and the way out of Grand Central. Straight onto a bus too and a 47 at that. I found myself sitting next to a Warwickshire supporter. Our combined ages totalled somewhere over 150 years. How many over is something known only to he and I. I can say he watched his first Warwickshire game before I was born and I first watched Somerset before Bill Alley scored over 3000 first-class runs in a season and for that matter before M.J.K. Smith did the same thing. In all those years we had never met. And yet before we were a minute into our bus ride we were talking cricket and football, apparently they play that in Birmingham, as if we had known each other down all those years. And if we ever bump into each other again no doubt we will carry on where we left off. County cricket supporters are like that. You can strike up a conversation with an opposition supporter just as easily as you can with one of your own side. And if you happen to sit next to an opposition supporter at a match the conversation can stretch interminably.Read More »

The view from the Hollies Stand

County Championship Division 1. Warwickshire v Somerset. 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st August 2019. Edgbaston.

Somerset. T.B. Abell (c), Babar Azam, J.C. Hildreth, T. Banton, G.A. Bartlett, S.M. Davies (w), D.M. Bess, R.E. van der Merwe, C. Overton, J. Overton, J.A. Brooks. 

Warwickshire. W.H.M. Rhodes, D.P. Sibley, R.M. Yates, S.R. Hain, A.J. Hose, T.R. Ambrose (w), M.G.K. Burgess, H.J.H. Brookes, J.S. Patel (c), O.J. Hannon-Dalby, G.A. Garrett.

Jack Leach and Lewis Gregory were not available for selection for this match. Leach having been selected to play for England at Lord’s and Gregory being injured. 

First day – The view from the Hollies Stand 

Toss. Warwickshire. Elected to bat.

It is two years since I last stayed in Birmingham. For Somerset’s last Championship match here. The area around New Street Station was a building site then. It had been for two or three seasons. I knew how to find my way around that building site. How to get to and from the hotel. Where to find the bus stop to get to the cricket. Where to buy lunch to take with me. Simple. Now the building site has gone. Replaced by a swish new shopping and eating complex, Grand Central, integrated with the station. It really is very impressive. Impressive, but I couldn’t find a thing. When I finally found the shop I was looking for it had hidden the vegetable samosas I usually take to the cricket.Read More »

“Never in doubt …”

County Championship Division 1. Somerset v Warwickshire. 20th, 21st and 22nd May 2019. Taunton.

Overnight. Somerset 209 and 164. Warwickshire 135 and 103 for 6. Warwickshire need a further 136 runs to win with four second innings wickets standing.

Final day. 22nd May – “Never in doubt …”

“You can’t afford to be late today,” was the comment as I left the house. “Somerset only need four wickets.” True, but for this supporter, who has been worrying about Somerset on the field of play since the launch of the first sputnik in 1957 the Warwickshire threat to the 135 runs which Somerset still had left to defend, however distant, nettled away at the back of the mind. Yesterday’s hedge-clipping was no more, so my bus delivered me to the ground with time to spare. As 11 o’clock approached there were about 400 people in the ground, perhaps 500 with those behind glass. They were spread around the stands and there was even a good smattering in the Somerset Stand. It was enough. The atmosphere in the ground as the morning developed suggested there were several times that number, for this was a Somerset crowd in a season in which winning the County Championship is more than a fanciful dream. Winning this match really mattered.Read More »

Somerset retain the advantage

County Championship Division 1. Somerset v Warwickshire. 20th, 21st and 22nd May 2019. Taunton.

Overnight. Somerset 209. Warwickshire 110 for 7. Warwickshire trail by 99 runs with three first innings wickets standing.

Second day. 21st May – Somerset retain the advantage

Tom Abell must loom large in the minds of opposition batsmen when they are at the crease. Fielding at cover he forms what must at times seem to be an impenetrable wall as he dives full length to strangle ‘certain’ fours in their infancy. For the second ball of the second day of this match it was not a dive but a jump which apparently took the eye. Jeetan Patel, one of the more dangerous among lower order batsmen, drove Leach hard and high over cover. Four! Except that Abell catapulted himself upwards, reached even higher and snared the ball. Patel’s threat was ended before it had begun. It was an astonishing catch as it was described to me, for I had missed it. It must have been quite something because it was often the first thing on people’s lips for the rest of the day whenever I stopped to chat to someone new.Read More »

Somerset edge the day

County Championship Division 1. Somerset v Warwickshire. 20th, 21st , 22nd and 23rd May 2019. Taunton.

Toss. Uncontested. Somerset required to bat

First day. 20th May -Somerset edge the day

As I walked through the Brian Rose gates I saw two sets of stumps pitched more or less in the middle of the playing area. From ground level at that distance they served as well as markers to indicate the location of the pitch as equipment necessary for a game to take place. There was no other way of locating the pitch for it looked as green as the rest of the square. From my seat, next to the sightscreen in the lower level of the Somerset Pavilion, the pitch could be discerned by its colour but it still looked very green. The news that Warwickshire had opted not to toss and had inserted Somerset came as no surprise.Read More »

County Championship 2017 ~ Needs Must ~ Warwickshire



“Two batting artists at work painting a wonderful picture of movement on that spinners’ canvas prepared in the middle of Edgbaston. Oh, that we had a Degas to capture these two in this mood on a real canvas.” 

Specsavers County Championship. First Division. Edgbaston. 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th September 2017. Warwickshire v Somerset.           

This match was, by general consent among Somerset supporters, a ‘needs must win’ match. Somerset had 23 points to make up over the sixth placed side if they were to be safe from relegation. If they lost to Warwickshire they would almost certainly slip into last place, for Warwickshire, in last place, were only 13 points behind Somerset, and the gap to sixth place would probably then be virtually insurmountable. I watched this match on a live stream. In those days the live stream came in a small panel, perhaps two inches by three, in the middle of the computer screen. How far things have come in that short time.

Farmer White (IP Logged) 9 September 2017 7.48 p.m.

“And for those at the match this is what it was like not being there (at least for me).

Unable to travel to this match the commentary and live feed it was. When I could get to my laptop. I don’t do smartphones so when I am not at home it is silence, for gone are the days when, in extremis, you could buy successive editions of the evening paper with ‘Latest Cricket Scores’ in the ‘Stop Press’ column, see the score, and wonder who was out and how many they were out for. Many a Sunday School outing to Exmouth was spent waiting for the Stop Press in the next edition.
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County Championship 2017 ~ Narrow escape



“It is therefore possible that Somerset may be operating in a perfect cricketing storm this year.” 

Specsavers County Championship. First Division. Taunton. 19th,20th,21st and 22nd May 2017. Somerset v Warwickshire.

The Championship to Date.

Just before the start of the next Championship match against Warwickshire I reviewed Somerset’s poor start to the Championship season in April which had brought much criticism from supporters. In fact, all the posts on this match were written in the context of and in part were a response to the growing sense of alarm among supporters at the direction the season, especially the Championship season and particularly the Championship batting, was taking.Read More »