On England’s 77 all out in Barbados

After England’s first innings 77 in Barbados I couldn’t resist this 18 line ditty with a (barely) hidden message…

How can this have come to pass so emphatically?

In days of calculated selection, and analysis done scientifically.

Laptops with propensity to algorithmic complexity

Describing biochemistry, giving weight to muscularity.

Resisting nonconformity and thoughts of contrariety.

Endlessly inhibitory to glorious naturality.

Theorising intensively; but with complexity or prolixity?

How did such chemistry collapse to seven and seventy?

Falling wickets the story of England’s sorry calamity.

Oblivious theory blown flat in the face of bowling alacrity.

Recalling bygone days of sudden, spectacular catastrophe.

England’s need clear to anyone with vision of perspicacity.

No questioning the need: a batsman of calm audacity.

Ground the laptops, pack up the theories; bring forth brilliance, and tenacity.

Look too! It’s time to seek out some old-style originality.

And then from England shall come forth a batsman of sheer vivacity.

Never-ending his array of strokes; beyond the laptop’s capacity.

Do I name him diplomatically? Or just say it with simple acrostic-ality?