A New Year wish

A poem for the New Year. A poem with a riddle contained within it. The answer to the riddle is contained within the poem. The answer should be easy for any Somerset supporter to arrive at. But where is it in the poem? In the interests of New Year goodwill that is not too difficult either. At least it isn’t if you know where to start looking…



Can I wish for a star?

Or should I wish for the moon?

Unpack my wish be you near or far.

No excuses. Unpack this riddle soon.


Time immemorial since this wish first took shape.

Yet we wish it again and again and again…

Counting the new year’s days ’til we start the merry jape;

Hope springing eternal through another campaign.


Awaiting what’s been awaited over a century long.

My wish is a wish burned deep into my brain.

Perforce, ’tis the wish of the whole Somerset throng

In summer, in winter, in sunshine and in rain.


Onward is driven the spirit of Somerset’s hope.

Never daunted in pursuit of that holiest of grails,

Steadfastly dreaming of that final ball crossing the rope.

Happy will be that day that ends our endless travails.


Inside these verses must you find my desire.

Perchance a star? Perchance the moon? Perchance, aim higher.


And perchance in case the answer remains unknown

I will publish it here when by four days the new moon has grown.


The new moon has grown and your wish must you have made.

So for those who my wish could not find, I come to your aid:

The answer to the riddle is clear but where does it lie?

To the first letter of each line should you cast your eye.


‘Farmer White’