Pink ball blues

This poem was originally written to mark the first round of County Championship matches played with a pink ball in June 2017. Perhaps it should be resurrected after England’s batting demise in the first innings of the 2021 Ahmedebad Test. I am not sure why I did not think of the simple solution to finding rhyming words for poems earlier. Use the same word 43 times in 12 lines, well, if you include the plurals…

The Pink Ball Blues or The Batsman’s Lament

Swinging ball, seaming ball, spinning ball, skidding ball.
Old ball, new ball, soft ball, hard ball.
No ball, wide ball, dead ball, lost ball.
Quicker ball, bouncing ball, slower ball, flighted ball.

Hit the ball, leave the ball, defend the ball, attack the ball.
Drive the ball, cut the ball, pull the ball, glance the ball.
Sweep the ball, scoop the ball, hook the ball, glide the ball.
Middle the ball, miss the ball, edge the ball, pad the ball.

Seen balls, judged balls, assessed balls, played balls.
Mastered balls, hammered balls, caressed balls, finessed balls.
Seen it all, done it all, red balls and white balls.
But one thing’s beyond the call. Flaming flamingo pink balls.